Why we fell in love with Javea



Mercian My wife and I had been on a lot of trips to Spain, and we love the country, but we usually go to Andalusia. This year we fancied a change and decided to book a holiday villa in Javea.

The area widely exceeded our expectations. Javea, or Xabia as it’s often spelt, is located in Alicante in Valencia, on the south-east coast. Like many other area coastal areas, it gets a lot of tourist, but they were more varied in nationality than the tourists where we usually stay. We also wanted somewhere that felt a little more Spanish, and we were pleasantly surprised at how authentically Spanish Javea is. The locals have really kept in touch with their past a little more than other areas of the country.

Being further up from the equator, it’s not quite as hot as the southern tip of Spain, but the weather is still scorching hot.

The town itself is exactly what you’d expect, with Mediterranean style architecture and narrow cobbled streets surrounded on both sides by old white washed buildings. It’s ideally situated, near a stunning white sand beach and scenic countryside roads. The town is actually within a large enclave on the Costa Blanca.



The Montgó Natural Park is particularly worth seeing if you visit, and you can rent a bicycle within the town itself. We don’t have kids to worry about, so we took a trip up the Montgó Mountain on our second day, this time on foot. It’s actually quite a gentle walk to the summit, and it’s well worth doing so, at the top there are some stunning views to behold. You can see both Denia and Javea from the mountain. It’s advisable to take lots of water and some lunch though as there’s no shops nearby and it takes a while to summit.

Within the town, it’s advisable to go and see the “old town” part of Javea at least once. It still has an old wall that was built to keep out pirates, and there’s a magnificent 14th century church to take a look around. There are also some good views of the whole enclave from the cliffs located either side of the town if you want to venture up them. They are an ideal spot to sit and eat a packed lunch.

Around the town and on the beach we were able to Scuba dive, lounge around in bars and on the sand, eat at Sofia’s Restaurant (a wonderful little place on the Bay of Javea road) and visit many of the shops in the town, but most of our week was spent in the surrounding countryside walking or cycling. This was the main reason why we came.


We enjoyed our holiday so much that we have decided to relocate permanently and move out there later in the year, and the second part of our holiday was spent actually looking for a villa for sale in Javea. We managed to find a couple of ideal villas for sale, but we have still to come to an agreement between the two of us which is the best new home for us.

The town is quite affluent, as it’s a very desirable location so there are villas that can reach a sale price in the several millions of Euros. We are not quite that wealthy and had budget of around 300,000 Euros to spend (including selling our current home) but for that money what you can buy is phenomenal. We are very interested in a magnificent villa which is a great mix of both contemporary and classic Spanish architecture. It has its own pool and a sizeable garden.


We are also interested in another villa that’s not quite as large, similarly priced and near to the canal. On the other-hand, we also found a wonderful two bedroom villa located high in the Castellans area of Javea that has amazing panoramic views of the enclave from it’s spacious balcony, and is – amazingly – only half the price of the other two. Though it lacks a pool, the balcony more than makes up for it, and for half the purchase price we could even keep and rent out our current home for extra income.

We have totally fallen in love with Javea, with the countryside, the beaches, the people and the fantastic homes. We can’t wait to move out there. All we need to do now is make a final decision on which home we want (and can afford) and we’ll be starting our new lives in one of the most wonderful places on Earth.